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    Started off as a game development company in 2016 , Galactech is a startup that puts together a group of young programmers , artists & gaming enthusiasts working closely with partners from the entertainment industry from all over the world to deliver the best infotainment experiences to customers through mobile network operators & other distribution channels

  • Entertainment in the palm of your hands , in a whim

    In Galactech we not only make awesome things but we innovate awesome stuff,down here you'll find games & apps with the latest technologies available now and the best is yet to come

    • Game Development

      Our main activity and area of expertise,we develop games for multiple platforms including PC , Mobile & console through all known platforms like Steam, Epic, mobile stores ..

    • Game Publishing

      Through our portal,plaYIT,we publish the best games from all over the world through a variety of partners in the gaming industry and with millions of plays monthly.

    • Telecom Aggregation

      We work closely with telecom operators from around the world to provide the best services from gaming portals to podcasting platforms and streaming applications

  • In Galactech we not only make awesome things but we innovate awesome stuff,down here you'll find games & apps with the latest technologies available now and the best is yet to come

    A play infinity and a tilt game that is score based. Beer Splash is extremely fun and addictive. In the gameplay, the bartender slides the glass to the clients aiming to get to the furthest point using fewer shots to complete to earn a full score on every level. Your brain and your fingers are your secret weapons. Get ready, aim !! go shooting glasses! So what are you waiting for?! let's Beer Splash it!

    is an infinite runner addictive game. The flashlight will move from one planet to another through the milky way on a journey to find life. The color changes depending on the frequency of the space depth. So Think quick and tap to switch colors in order to reach incredible speeds!

    It is an addictive game, score based, and tilt. It features Tunisian folklore culture in a fabulous way. The concept is that the egg must always heat up to become delicious. Every 10 points you get to move to another cuisine (Tunisian, Chinese, French). A single misclick and the egg is cracked! , move the hot egg right left across deserts, plates, jungles, and seas just to keep hot enough to bring out what's in it! Sounds yummy, isn't?

    An infinity game where the airship is running from the gravity of the sun using the gravity of other planets while avoiding the emergency evacuation of a sudden meteorite. Hence, brace yourselves a giant meteorite will hunt you down!

    Hog riders is a party multiplayer game that has 2 modes: racing and battle royale. In the racing mode, you have to show your rivals that you are the best in real competition and to ride your way to the first line. The battle mode is about draining the opponent's health to reach a certain score of point wins. Along with 3 other players; you have to go through a legendary fight and be the last one standing. So now who is ready to become the rider king and enjoy a hoggy ride ?!

    • Houcem Maiza

      Chief Executive Officer

    • Sarra Messaoudi

      Chief Performance Officer

    • Abir Harrabi

      Chief Business officer

    • Hichem boudrigua

      Chief Technical Officer

    • Souhaila Zaouani

      Administrative Department Responsible

    • Oussema Khemiri

      3D Artist

    • Mahdi Ben Khmiss

      Art Director

    • Riadh Allani

      3D Artist

    • Hamza Brahmi

      Unity developer

    • Amal cherif

      3D Artist

    • Chayma Gloulou

      Concept Artist

    • Oussema Fraj

      Graphic Designer

    • Rami Rouini

      Unity Developer

    • Samar Bourcheda

      Graphic Designer

    • Julien Nogha

      3D Artist


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    - Sales agents
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